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THE WARGAMING CLUB (TWC) is a  Play by Email(PBeM) & Real Time Strategy Wargaming Group.

Club games are Beamdog, Asmodee Digital, Matrix, Ageod, Slitherine, Paradox, HPS Simulations & John Tiller Software... games such as:

Advanced Tactics Gold - 
Scythe: Digital Edition - Axis & Allies1942 Online - all HPS/JTS titles! - Strategic Command Series - Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm - Gary Grigsby’s War in the West & East - The Operational Art of War IV - Order of Battle: World War II - Field of Glory: Empires - Wars of Napoleon - CIVIL WAR II - Birth of America II: Wars in America - Revolution Under Siege Gold - Rise of Prussia Gold - To End All Wars - Alea Jacta Est - España 1936 - Thirty Years' War - Pride of Nations - Napoleon's Campaigns - Wars of Succession - English Civil War - Pike & Shot: Campaigns - Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun - Field of Glory II – Gettysburg: The Tide Turns - March to Glory - Europa Universalis IV.

. The purpose is to have “fun” while playing pbem games in the club but also get some hall of fame points, so to promote, achieve ribbons & medals.

. Victory is rewarded no doubt but also a defeat which means participation and “activity” in the club is also rewarded by hall of fame points. We are aiming for challenging but also friendly games in the club.

:::TWC point scoring chart:::
TWC Scoring.png (227.22KiB)

*** If you want to start your own game, just post  your new game with the details under the RELATED game title forum and see if someone want to join you.
If you find your opponent that topic will be your battle topic, you and your opponent will enter the TWC roster ... you can create a TWC #slack room for that battle and you will be invited to the TWC dropbox so you can create your game folder there for exchanging PBeM files.

*** If you are available as a replacement player of a certain game title, just post under the forum * Openings in Ongoing Games * of that game so if any PBeM player is needed for that title you will be contacted and invited to that game.
If you join a game as replacement player you  will enter the TWC roster and you will be invited to that game's TWC #slack room and to the dropbox for exchanging PBeM files.

To achieve Club HoF points;

Find a TWC club opponent (on the forum or #slack)
"At least 2 players of the battle must be TWC forum/club members for the battle to be counted as a CLUB GAME!" 


*Club members who completed at least 1 TWC game or at least get involved in a game that is ongoing in the club will be listed on TWC Roster.
*Club members who completed at least 1 TWC game will be listed on the HoF Chart.


There are 2 ways to register battles.

1) You may directly enter your battle to the system: https://thewargamingclub.online/events/ 

To do that just log in, go to "my account" and "add event". You will see the last number of the club battle, say the last one is 34)... You can enter yours for example as 35) AJE/ Ageod etc. On dropbox in related folder it will be enough you to mention it is 35) thats all.

When game ends just let one of admins know so hof will be updated and battle will be ended on the system.

2) You can use the forum like old times, post a new topic under related game title so admins will enter your battle to the system. When game ends you may inform admins on the forum too if you registered the battle on the forum...

TWC Slack is here: https://thewargamingclub.slack.com if you are not invited yet please let one of the admins know your email or just post here so you can be invited to TWC Slack for club communication/written chat.

TWC Steam Group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheWargamingClub

TWC has a dropbox, if you are playing a pbem and want to use dropbox let us know, so a new folder can be created under TWC dropbox for your game to exchange files, thanks.
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