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Posted on Fri Feb 16, 2024 8:14 pm

It is February 1942 and the game is hard fought

Ouch by David Bowman, on Flickr

My oil situation is so much better that I might not need the Soviet oil fields, but I push on because I am more interested in simulating than winning.

Fuel so much better by David Bowman, on Flickr

Diplomacy for Finland is getting hot. If they join the war on my side, which I am confident they will, the Soviet northern front will collapse.

Finland now an important flank by David Bowman, on Flickr

Otherwise I am still investing a lot in diplomacy. Arabia alternates between Britain and Italy; that would be a coup!

Diplomacy pretty good by David Bowman, on Flickr

The East

I have made big advances to the north as there were not enough defenders. I am contemplating sending armour into that eastern gap to see if I can cut Leningrad off from Moscow.

North underdefended by David Bowman, on Flickr

I am keeping the centre busy, but not pushing. Generally I am low on oil by the time I get to the centre, so just do enough to keep the Soviets interested. I should take Kursk this turn. I do not need the raw materials, but perhaps the Soviets do. Note that I am still using my (obsolete) PzIICs in this game. They are good against pure infantry formations, but I am not making replacements, so I coallesce damaged units.

Kursk to fall by David Bowman, on Flickr

In the far south, the oil fields are only a few turns away. I have loaded Rostov with armour for a break out, and am otherwise pocketing units rather than fighting on a front

Oilfields in sight by David Bowman, on Flickr


Cherbourg continues to annoy me, but it is no longer a treat, and its supply gives my U-boats something to do

Partisans active by David Bowman, on Flickr

Note it is a busy turn for my anti partisan units. I think the allies have been funding the partisans (a card they can play in this game).

North Africa

The Battle for Tobruk is about to start, but without control of sea, the Axis will take it comfortably. The Italians are now beginning to threaten Palestine.

Battle of Tobruk by David Bowman, on Flickr


I am reaching the bottom of my manpower pool, so I will need to go to general mobilisation soon.

General mobilisation by David Bowman, on Flickr

To delay this as long as possible (as I do not like the penalties), I am thinning down my infantry units to have less rifle, but leaving the support weapons the same.

thinning infantry by David Bowman, on Flickr

All my armoured units have halftracks, so the infantry is safer there.

The Far East

Oh dear! Japan does not look like it will last long enough for me to rescue.

Japan in real trouble by David Bowman, on Flickr

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