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Posted on Sat Feb 24, 2024 7:31 pm

It is March 1942 and the picture is a bit grim everywhere except in the Caucasus. My losses are high - in excess of my production except for armour.

heavy losses by David Bowman, on Flickr

In the diplomatic front, I have lost the race for Turkey, which annoys me, mostly because of the lost investment of political points.

Turkey goes the wrong way by David Bowman, on Flickr

Also USA decides to get involved in the west. Unlike Hitler historically, I did not waste my PPs bringing USA in - they can pay the cost of 20 PPs!

USA joins by David Bowman, on Flickr

The East

My offensive stalls in the north as the Soviets rebuild the front. I am not too keen about attacking Leningrad's fortifications, so I am looking to flank. I will need some engineers to build roads I can supply through the forests.

North stalls by David Bowman, on Flickr

In the centre, I have reached the beginning of the Moscow forifications. The Soviet player has built extra layers of foritications to defend Moscow. (In the next version of the game, this will be much harder to do.) I am not interested in smashing through those fortifications, but neither do I want the defenders of Moscow to become reinforcements on other fronts, so I am going to do some "demonstration" attacks. If I can, I would like to encircle Moscow.

Moscow fortifications by David Bowman, on Flickr

Just to the south, Kursk has fallen, so I may be able to move through to the next river line this turn. The Soviets opposite look very weak.

Kursk falls by David Bowman, on Flickr

Near the oilfields, I have broken though the Soviet defenses, and have only mud to content with. I am still focussed here with most of my armoured attacks and some supporting airstrikes. My mechanised infantry have been doing great exploitation moves.

Breakout in the South by David Bowman, on Flickr


I have reached the limit of my supply networks in southern Russia. The solution is to create a supply hub in Kiev (the limit appears to be Rostov, but I am leaving a margin). The southern army HQs now are assigned to Army Group South, which has some trains and cargo trucks. This slows down reinforcements which is a bit irksome. Perhaps a game limitation, but I do not mind the challenge.

Army group south by David Bowman, on Flickr


The British have really reinforced Cherbourg, perhaps hoping to offer it as a bridgehead to the Americans.

Cherbourg reinforced by David Bowman, on Flickr

That does not work in ATG - this city will be well over the stacking limit meaning that most of these forces will not defend, only take casualties, and will all suffer readiness drops from my artillery bombardments. I like the arrangement, as do my UBoat commanders, who are interdicting supply to France.

North Africa

the Germans and Italians have stalled in North Africa. My situation still looks good, but the British forces are stubborn in defense

North Africa stalls by David Bowman, on Flickr

A large American force is moving on Casablanca, so I will need to reinforce my Moroccan front

Turkish Front

I have missed a trick here. If I had two small armour divisons on the Turkish border, I might be in Instanbul this turn. As it stands, I will have to move the allied troops into a front line to contain and build a force that can launch an offensive over the next few turns.

Unprepared Turkish Front by David Bowman, on Flickr

USA Joins the Allies in the West

USA has declared war and spent this turn mopping up my submarines. This is the way to do it in ATG - remove all retreats and force the unit to retreat. I have no response to this tactics, these fleets are out of range to my bombers, but the Americans will have aircraft carriers, except to build more Uboats.

USA ASW by David Bowman, on Flickr

In the East, USA now holds three Japanese cities. Japan appears to have no response to this early invasion.

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