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TWC - Play by Email (PBeM) Strategy Wargaming Club (Founded in Feb. 2017 by hhfd50, lordlau1, lancier)




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Welcome to the Wargaming Club gents!

Gentlemen, it is almost "5" years now since TWC is formed, club moving to its new home: 



Everything will be in one place by that way. Club Roster, Hall of Fame (HoF) Points, TWC Battles, medals/ribbons, ranks, tournaments and The FORUM. There is also a “SHOUTBOX” there we can use but we will course continue using our #SLACK which is a great platform for written comm.


At our new home, offciers/hosts can now “Register Their Battles” with their unique number. Say the last battle is 5) WoN15/Ageod on the system and you may enter yours as 6) PON/Ageod (you dont need to write PON4 or PON5, they are just the old system numbers we used before as it was always hard to keep the track but you will see, old games still have their numbers to know which games are which)

So battles may have only 1 number which is shown front of them. 5)... 6)... etc. We will use this numbers on DB too!


When officers complete a game, they will inform the admins of the club (TWC, lancier, hhfd50, lordlau1 accounts you will realise) by “PM at thewargamingclub.online” OR by “TWC slack direct message” OR if you created a topic for your battle on the “NEW FORUM” (which you can do anytime also you can do this for your onging games too after you join the system) by posting the results there too “BUT be sure your result is confirmed by one of the admins”.


Then battle will be (ended) by one of the admins on the system and your Rank (if needed) and HoF points will be updated on the system. Ribbons/Medals will be awarded fom time to time.


Officers’ data who join the new system will be updated accoring to the old data. So nothing will be lost from the past 3.5 years. Your attendancy date to TWC will be the same (so TWC service ribbons will be given easily), your ribbons/medals (tho some are modified on the new system), your HOF points, ongoing battles and ranks will be carried too. Some may take time but all will be updated.


To all members of TWC, if you dont join the “new system” that means you are not in TWC!

Please try to do that as soon as possible (if you are interested course) tho for sure it may take some time (up to 20-25 days?) for some who are not that active. No doubt old data of the ones who dont join the system will not be updated.


With the new system as you may realise only active officers will be in club Dropbox too. So if you are active on the battlefield and dont have club DB invite please let us know.


Ongoing games are carried there already so please check and let admins know if there is a battle of yours missing.

If you enter a battle in a wrong way to the new system when you start one please let one of the admins know so he can correct it.


We wont use the old forum anymore. So please join the system and try to use the new forum.

In the new system, use a 150x200 picture (for profile) and a square one for the forum. You can update them on your profile easily.


Lastly, vote for the poll so we will know more about our members. :>


Hope to see all of you there, in thewargamingclub.online.


As always,


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 Pride of Nations - Wars of Napoleon - To End All Wars - Civil War II - Birth of America II: Wars in America - Revolution Under Siege Gold - Rise of Prussia Gold - Alea Jacta Est - España 1936 - Thirty Years' War - Napoleon's Campaigns - Wars of Succession - English Civil War - Field of Glory: Empires

  John Tiller Software (JTS) / Wargame Design Studio (WDS) - HPS SIMulations


Field of Glory II: Medieval & Ancient - Pike & Shot: Campaigns - Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun - Gettysburg: The Tide Turns - March to Glory 



 Advanced Tactics Gold - Strategic Command Series - Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm - Gary Grigsby’s War in the West & East - The Operational Art of War IV - Order of Battle: World War II





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 TWC Email: thewargamingclub@gmail.com

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